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  • Can you take the anchor apart?
    NO! The Tornado Anchor IS NOT ADJUSTABLE. The Locknut on the bottom of the anchor has a nylon locking feature which secures it to the eye bolt. This guarantees that the anchor will never loosen under any normal use conditions. If for whatever reason you choose to loosen the Locknut you will compromise the durability. Leave your Nuts alone!
  • What's the anchor made from?
    The Tornado Anchor is made from Galvanized Steel. There is NO LEAD in any component of the anchor. The blades are powder coated for added durability. Powder Coating is an Eco-friendly process and does not produce any harmful compounds during application or use.
  • What size Locking Connector or Carabiner does the Anchor use?
    The Tornado Anchor uses a super duty Eye Bolt. This Eyebolt is lift weighted for 2200lbs of force! It is likely the thickest steel used in the industry and, because of that, you may need to use a larger size Locking Connector or Carabiner then you currently do. The opening needs to open at least ½” so that the Eyebolt can free pass through.
  • Can the Tornado Anchor transport Invasive Spieces?
    With great (Stopping) Power comes Great Responsiblity. The design of our anchor creates spacing in between the blades. In the course of standard use some debris may find its way in. This debris will not affect the function of the anchor in anyway, but it could create an enviroment where invasives species may find a free ride. For this reason, we highly recommend that you hose down or power wash the anchor throughly after each use and especially if you are river hopping. It only takes a minute and it goes miles to protect the rivers. We also ask that everybody takes the time to rinse off all the other gear that we use while on the water. Lets all help protect the places we love. Thanks
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