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The Idea

My name is Keith Webster. I am an avid Fly fisher, raft owner & Design Engineer.
The Tornado Anchor all started because I was thoroughly underwhelmed with my standard lead anchor. I just knew that I could design something better, smarter & safer for our environment.
What I needed to figure out was how to more effectively use the weight of an anchor. My tradition pyramid anchor only effectively used one edge to grab. My design idea was to create an anchor with more edges so that the anchor had more opportunity to grab the river bottom. This theory lead to an anchor design of a series of stacked plates. The concept being that it would create a ribbed surface and more exposed edges. The anchor evolved quickly with the realization that these stacked plates could also be allowed to rotate independently. This rotation created an anchor that was able to react to its environment and create the maximum amount of drag. The Tornado Anchor was born.


The Pitch

When's the last time you seriously thought about the design and performance of your anchor?

Does keeping lead out of your river make a difference in your choice?

How about "bite" and reducing drag through the river cobble and gravel?


There's a better choice, by design. 

The Tornado Anchor is designed to hold better and keep lead out of our aquatic ecosystems by eliminating lead in the manufacturing process entirely, with steel plates around a center axis that clips directly to your anchor rope system.

When employed, the plates move freely and create more bite, holding your watercraft securely in place. Compared to traditional anchors, from chain to lead pyramid to other lead-free designs, the Tornado Anchor is simply better.

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