"You don't realize how important your anchor really is until you use one that is completely made for performance... and that is the Tornado Anchor. Not only does it stop my boat on a dime, it is also a huge conversation piece at the boat ramp! I love my Tornado Anchor!"


Brian Wise

"The Tornado anchor is a legit improvement on the simple river anchor. While at first glance the innovativeTornado may seem complicated, the basic principal is actually quite simple. And, once you use one and realize it works better than a conventional pyramid or cylindrical drift boat anchor you'll want to watch the clever design in action over and over. And, unlike big chunks of lead and steel slag, you don't need tons of weight to compensate for gear laden boats in fast water. I've been rowing for a few decades in all types of water and this thing is totally worth the investment"


Jay Anglin

"This anchor is amazing. I've been guiding the local rivers for over ten years. I know where I can and can't stop with a lead pyramid anchor. The tornado anchor stops me in spots I've never been able to stop before."


Austin Adduci

"I've used pyramid anchors my entire career. Lead and Steel and they all react the same way. Drop the anchor, it rolls and slides down the river until it grabs. Faster the water, the harder it is to stop. Then the Tornado Anchor came along and my boat is stopping easier and in places that I struggled to gain purchase in before. You can feel the difference immediately. Very few times is there truly a break through in this industry. I would say that the Tornado Anchor is in this category."


"Dry Fly" John McCloskey

"A Tornado Anchor is a better mousetrap.
It seems such a simple task to stop a boat, but it can be difficult and dangerous if done wrong.
Having a Tornado Anchor helps get the boat stopped safely without hanging up and most importantly it does not litter the river with lead."


Colby D Crossland