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Tim Landwehr




I have been a fly fishing guide for most of my adult life and have run both cast and lead anchors the entire time. My friends at Tornado Anchors sent me an anchor a few season back and I can honestly say I will never go back to a conventional style. Not only is it environmentally friendly but the stopping power on ALL all surfaces is absolutely amazing. From sand bottoms, pea gravel and large boulders it stops the boat now! Get one, it will change your world.

A giant thank you for changing the game and making my job easy.


Brian Wise

You don't realize how important your anchor really is until you use one that is completely made for performance... and that is the Tornado Anchor. Not only does it stop my boat on a dime, it is also a huge conversation piece at the boat ramp! I love my Tornado Anchor!

Brian Wise.jpg

Colby D Crossland

A Tornado Anchor is a better mousetrap.
It seems such a simple task to stop a boat, but it can be difficult and dangerous if done wrong.
Having a Tornado Anchor helps get the boat stopped safely without hanging up and most importantly it does not litter the river with lead.


Rich Strolis

I have been rowing boats and rafts for a couple decades now and was never happy with my anchors. From pyramids to spikes, to sections of chain they all had some sort of drawback and never truly stopped the boat like advertised. At one point I pretty much accepted the fact that my anchor was never really going to do what I expected of it. Then one day I got my hands on a Tornado anchor and everything changed. The tornado anchor is the only anchor you need, period. It has been such a pleasant surprise to have an anchor that actually holds on a variety of substrates and pulls free every time.

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