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Swivel Block (2:1 Pulley)
  • Swivel Block (2:1 Pulley)


    The Tornado Anchor Swivel Block is the perfect add-on for your anchors!

    The Swivel Block offers two features, 1) the Block uses a 2:1 mechanical advantage that effectively reduces the force need to haul in your anchor by half! & 2) the Swivel Block, well ..... you guessed it! Swivels! This rotation eliminates any unwanted rope twist when deploying or retrieving your anchor.

    The design of the block is just 3 1/2" tall to keep your anchor tight to the frame and out of the water.

    The Swivel Block (including the pulley wheel) is machined using 6061 aluminum and anodized. 

    There is a clevis pin with slip ring on the bottom shackle to allow the anchor to be removed.

    This setup is a potent one/two punch creating the ultimate anchor system.


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